Our Working Method

Cultural diversity in a perfectly harmonic teamwork

We work with a team of native translators specialized in different combinations of languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc. All of them have at least 10 years of proven professional experience in the translation field and are qualified from an accredited educational institution.

Our newly recruited translators are tested by detailed evaluation procedures and required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Assessment of the candidates is accomplished by specially designed texts where they prove the accuracy of their translation and the level of their skills.

Upon receiving a request from a client, our project managers select a team of specialized translators according to their area of specialization and based on the complexity and the subject of the project.

Once the project has been confirmed by the client and our rates accepted, the assigned translators immediately start working. At this stage, the translator initiates a process of careful research, using online dictionaries, glossaries and translation memories classified by subjects and by client. Once the translation is done, it is followed by a thorough process of proofreading, performed by the same translator, comparing the original document with the new one. Finally, the translator makes a final revision of the target document to check the fluency of the new text. The document is then submitted to a second native speaker translator who performs the same process of comparing both versions and revising the translation. The last stage includes a systematic revision performed by our QA team that checks the quality of the final version (terminology, typography, semantics, style, grammar, punctuation, etc.) and authorizes the delivery to the client.

Lexlogos, LLC -Our Working Method

In case of long-term agreements (LTAs) or large-volume projects (LVPs), we set up a working team with a project manager who will be responsible for all the translators assigned to that project and will act as liaison between the client and the translators/proofreaders.

All deadlines are agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis taking into account the volume of the project and the time zone difference.

Lexlogos’ approach regarding a new translation is not a word-by-word interpretation but the application of a content-derivative method which consists in communicating ideas and thoughts used in the original text and expressing them in the desired target language, in such a way that the reader takes it as an original text.

Our dedication, professionalism and commitment ensure a perfect translation.