Marité Flores Tiravanti

Translator with more than 26 years of experience in technical, scientific and literary translations: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

Working Experience

2006 up-to-date
LEXLOGOS (Translation Company,) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Director and Owner
Company specialized in technical, scientific and literary projects from a wide variety of fields such as Information Technology and Networking, Telecommunications, Advertising and Marketing, Economy and Finance, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas industry, Textile industry, Legal documents, Education, Environment, Social Services.
Also translation suppliers to international translation agencies: YMT (Canada), Multi-Languages Corporation (Canada), Eurologos-Toronto (Canada), Langu-EDGE (Canada), Express International Translations (Canada), Megalexis (Canada), Castel (Canada), Amero Communications (Canada), Accurate Language Solution (Canada), Trusted Translations (USA), Lexcelera (France).
Atlantel, Inc (Telecommunication Company), Miami, USA. Business Development Manager
AON Reed Stenhouse (Corporate Insurance Company), Toronto, Canada. French translator. Web Communication Department.
GLOBE TRANSLATIONS (Translation Company), Bs. As., Argentina. Project Manager, translator and proofreader for technical, scientific and literary projects.Suppliers of English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish language services to several local and international companies such as Johnson & Johnson (medicine, pharmaceutical), Q.E.A.C.A. S.A. (veterinary), the Argentinean National Atomic Power Commission, San Antonio S.A (oil drilling), LBG Sky Chefs (airline catering), the Argentinean Council for International Relations (C.A.R.I.), the Universal Ecological Foundation (Environment – NGO), Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) USA and Argentina, Sony Argentina (Technology).
Suppliers of English, French and Spanish language services to international translation agencies: Castle Associates, Inc. (USA), Intertrans Inc. (USA), (USA), M2 Ltd (USA), Scribendi (Canada), Faenza (Canada), Garek (Canada), YMT (Canada), Multi-Languages Corporation (Canada), Eurologos-Toronto (Canada), Edit – Easy Does I.T. (France), Wordbank Ltd. (United Kingdom), SDL International (United Kingdom), Lloyd International Ltd (United Kingdom).
CHASQUI PUBLICIDAD S.A (Advertising and Marketing Company). Buenos Aires, Argentina. Translator for technical and general projects. Trilingual executive assistant. Interpreter for business delegations visiting our country.
QUICKFOOD ALIMENTOS RAPIDOS S.A (Food Industry). Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trilingual executive assistant.
Translator for Count Charles Orlowski (Writer). Buenos Aires, Argentina. Translator and administrative assistant.

Editing Experience

Updating of "The Concise History of the Armenian People" by George Bournoutian – Second Edition, Spanish Version.
Translation from English into Spanish and edition of the History book "The Concise History of the Armenian People" by George Bournoutian. Spanish version presented by the author at the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires 2006.
Spanish course with lists of vocabulary, readings and comprehension texts for adolescents. Client: Castle Associates, Inc.
English-Spanish / Spanish-English Dictionary (Volume I & II) and Course of English as a Second Language. Client: Visor Enciclopedias Audiovisuales, S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina.


UNIVERSITÀ PER STRANIERI DI SIENA, Siena, Italy Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera (Cils 1, Cils 2)
UNIVERSIDAD DEL SALVADOR, Buenos Aires, Argentina Interpreting Course (Simultaneous and Consecutive: English/Spanish)
UNIVERSIDAD DEL SALVADOR, Buenos Aires, Argentina Degree: English Translator
ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE, Buenos Aires, Argentina Degree: French Interpreter
INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DE L'ÉTAT DE TRADUCTEURS ET INTERPRÈTES (ISTI), Brussels, Belgium Degree: Candidat Traducteur (English, French and Spanish)
LYCÉE FRANCO-HELLENIQUE, Athens, Greece. Baccalauréat de l' Enseignement du Second Degré (Série A: Philosophie-Lettres), with outstanding mention
LICEO FRANCO-ARGENTINO JEAN MERMOZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina (secondary)
ÉCOLE EUROPÉENNE (EEC School), Brussels, Belgium (primary and early secondary)

Courses and Seminars

Course of Economic and Financial Terminology for Post-Graduated Translators – Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (UMSA), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Course of “Lexique Québécois and French Technical Terms” at the Canadian Education Center – CEC Network, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
June 2003
Postgraduated Seminar: “Education in Canada: politics, priorities and innovations”, given by Dr. Daniel Schugurensly (Prof. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) from the Toronto University). Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
March 1990 -December 1991
Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Course (level I and II), given by Interpreters Diane P. Merchant and Alicia della Maggiore, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dec. 19-23, 1988 July 18-22, 1988
Simultaneous Interpretation Seminar (level I & II), given by Prof. Sergio Viaggio (United Nations Interpreter), International Conference Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.