Our QA Team

Lexlogos Translations - Our QA Team

The final step to the supreme goal of Excellence

At Lexlogos, we rely on a QA team as an additional support of our everlasting search for Excellence.

Our QA team is composed of a number of in-house senior specialists who master the target language, since it is their mother tongue, and who are also highly qualified in the source language and all its relevant aspects. The members of this team of experts hold several qualifying degrees such as MBAs, Masters in Language and Literature and Linguistics, and most of them also work as experienced writers. Their job consists in comparing the process of translation and offering a feedback to the translators in order to prevent future errors of the same kind. Furthermore, our QA team provides a third reading of the translated document which helps us ensure the accuracy and prime quality of the services we offer. Thus, they not only contribute to maintaining our competitiveness in the translation market but also to the continuous development and growth of the company.

Therefore, the final document is not only of utmost quality but also stands on itself as a new document, coherent and unique.

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