Six thinking hats

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Six thinking hats

At the holiday season, we often think over the actions and decisions taken during the past twelve months, and we develop new projects that we hope to fulfill in the coming year.

In his book, Six Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono proposes a good thinking methodology, which teaches us clearly and specifically how to organize our thoughts in order to make our decision making more agile, generate innovative ideas and improve our communication and creativity in each one of our endeavors and projects.

The author considers that is possible to classify the thinking process into six different colored hats:

  • Blue Hat (process control): it is used at the beginning and the end of each thinking session to present goals, establish the adequate method to meet them and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.
  • White hat (facts and figures): it is generally used after the blue hat, to present the information available and the actual position of the company.
  • Black hat (constructive criticism): it enables us to identify potential difficulties and avoid them in a timely way.
  • Green hat (creativity and innovation): Green is the color of fertility and growth. It allows us to generate possible alternatives solutions to the obstacles posed by the black hat.
  • Yellow hat (positive judgment): it allows us to identify the advantages associated to an idea and put them into practice.
  • Red hat (emotions and feelings): it recognizes that our thinking process is influenced by our emotions and intuitions, and enables us to express agreement or disagreement on a given subject.

We hope that this brief outline will help you to elaborate great new projects and make all the right decisions in the coming year.

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